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Installation of an LPG system in your car allows you to save up to 50% on fuel costs. Moreover, LPG is a clean energy source because it contains no fine particulate and cuts CO2 emissions, one of the principal causes of air pollution in cities, by 10%.

With an LPG system installed in your car, you can even drive in areas subject to traffic restrictions. Four safety valves in the tanks and our strict standards make Landi Renzo's LPG systems eligible for parking on the first underground level of parking lots.

Landi Renzo offers a vast range of gas systems for converting your vehicle to LPG and natural gas. LANDIRENZO’s LPG and natural gas systems are available for both petrol engines and diesel engines and use low-impact energy sources to contribute to the development of ecological mobility, guaranteeing less polluting emissions and offering economic benefits.

All LANDIRENZO gas systems are the result of in-depth studies and advanced technological research. The many patents registered by the company’s research and development centre have marked milestones in the evolution of mechanical and electronic integration of LPG and natural gas systems in vehicles.
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